Should I Buy or Lease?


Should I Buy or Lease a New Volkswagen?

Buy vs. Lease in Tampa, FL

If you’re searching for your next great ride, you’ve come to the
right place. Here at Volkswagen Brandon, we carry a large selection of new Volkswagen models ready for you to discover! It’s our pleasure to help you find the vehicle that best suits your price point and lifestyle. Lucky for you, your new car could be just a few clicks away…

You might be ready to drive off into the sunset, but have you considered the pros and cons of leasing versus buying? While there are unique benefits to both, there might be one that works better for your specific situation. Whichever option you think functions
best for you, our friendly finance associates are here to help you every step of the way. Excited to get started? Keep reading to
discover the distinct advantages of buying and leasing.

Should I buy a new Volkswagen?

Do you want the freedom that only ownership can provide, from
being able to customize to being able to drive as much as you
want? If that’s the case, then buying might be the ideal choice
for you. Buying your vehicle means you don’t need to stress about
being above the approved mileage or spending more for extra damage
to your model. Purchasing is recommended if you’re planning on
keeping the vehicle longer than a typical lease term would be. You
have the choice to pay off the whole amount up front or pay a down
payment, then make regular monthly payments until the loan is paid
off in full. Owning also means you can sell your vehicle when
you’re ready for a new one.

Should I lease a new Volkswagen?

We love the flexibility that leasing allows! As long as you’re
comfortable with a mileage restriction (or you can add more miles
at signing), leasing would be a great option for you! A lease
payment should be lower than a loan payment for many models, so
leasing can be a much more affordable choice in a shorter amount
of time. You can experience the newest tech upgrades and comfort
features with leasing. Plus, your new vehicle should be covered
under its manufacturer warranty while you drive it, so that means
no costly bills that would’ve been associated with ownership past
the date the warranty expires. And you have many options at the
end of your lease: buy it, lease a new vehicle or simply return


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