Benefits of Changing Your Cabin Air Filter


Benefits of Changing Your Cabin Air Filter in Tampa, FL

Changing your vehicle’s cabin air filter regularly is important. Why? Not only does it provide health benefits, it can make a big difference in your vehicle’s engine performance. Our service technicians frequently offer to change this filter while changing a car’s oil, but many customers decline this service because they feel it’s too expensive, or they don’t realize the importance of replacing it on a regular basis. It should be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, but be sure to also consult your owner’s manual. If you live in a city or more densely populated area, you may have to change the cabin air filter more frequently. Learn more about the benefits of changing your cabin air filter below!


Pollution Reduction

Pollution is one of the biggest reasons that is cited for changing the cabin filter, because replacing it regularly helps to reduce the ash, smoke and smog from entering the inside of your vehicle from any fires and dirty exhausts from other vehicles. By changing your filter on a regular basis, you can make sure that pollution remains on the outside of your vehicle.

Better HVAC Air Flow

The engine powers the HVAC system. If the cabin filter is dirty and clogged, the engine has to work much harder to provide power to your heating and cooling. But, when the filter is unclogged and clean, the engine doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to power the HVAC system. What does that mean for you? Better fuel efficiency. It also means your heating and cooling systems will work much better, also — meaning your cabin will cool down more quickly in the hot summer months, and it will heat up more quickly in the cold winter months.



Fewer Allergens

If you have allergies to anything environmental, you already know how bad it can be when those pesky allergens get to you. Cabin air filters help reduce the amount of those allergens that can get inside your vehicle. Pollen, dust and allergens can build up in your filter during heavy pollen seasons, so you may need to change it sooner during allergy season.

Fewer Odors

When you don’t change your filter for some time, mold can build up on it, which can cause bad smells and odors. Mold is also extremely bad for your health, as it’s very unhealthy to breathe in. By replacing the cabin air filter regularly, you can avoid inhaling that unhealthy mold.


If you start to smell odors in your vehicle’s cabin, or if you notice that your HVAC fan is running more loudly, schedule a service appointment with us and we’ll change your cabin air filter for you.

If you’d like to learn more about your cabin air filter, when to replace it or why you should replace it, give us a call, contact us or visit us at 9816 East Adamo Drive, Tampa, FL 33619. We look forward to helping our customers from Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Sarasota and Clearwater.