Qvale Auto Group History

The Qvale Auto Group History in Florida

Has it already been seventy-four years? It’s certainly strange for us to think about the Qvale Auto Group — now spanning 15 total stores across the Southern United States — when it first started back in 1947. It’s come a long way since Norwegian-born Kjell Qvale established the business that carries his name. Qvale was a pioneer in the automotive industry, being one of the first to import high-end auto brands to the United States from Europe. Iconic brands like Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Lotus, De Tomaso and Volkswagen all became highly successful in California, thanks to Qvale’s quick hand.

And now, our many teams spread across Florida draw inspiration from the Qvale Auto Group’s extraordinary beginnings. How it started really did influence how Volkswagen Brandon runs itself today. Founder Kjell Qvale is quoted as saying that “We are a team committed to providing value, quality and excellence in sales and service; inspired by our customers’ standards and the Qvale family reputation for integrity since 1947.” And it’s true! Curious to discover more details about the history of the Qvale Auto Group, the brands we sell and how we do business? Keep scrolling to learn more.

A Brief History

Once Kjell Qvale was branded as a successful businessman in manufacturing, distributing and retailing European automotive brands, it was just the start.

In 1949, Qvale made his move to San Francisco and officially started operating as British Motor Car Distributors, Ltd.

In 1950, Qvale was named chairman of the first Concours D’Elegance at Del Monte Lodge, Pebble Beach. Today, the Concours is said to be the premier celebration of the automobile.

In 1970, Qvale bought Jensen Motors in West Bromwich, UK. The company manufactured 12,000 Jensen Interceptors and Jensen Healy cars.

In 2000, the Qvale Auto Group had made a legacy for itself in cutting-edge design, and so began production of the new Mangusta in Modena, Italy. QAG later sold the rights to the Mangusta to Britain’s MG Rover Group. The launch of MG Rover Group’s flagship model, the MG XPower SV, was based on the Qvale Mangusta, featuring its structure, suspension, engine and gearbox.

In 2013, after almost 70 years in the automotive industry, Kjell Qvale passed away, survived by his two sons, Bruce and Jeff.

Our Many Locations Throughout Florida

After starting in California and expanding throughout the country, the Qvale Auto Group now has four outstanding locations in the great state of Florida. While you’re probably close to the team here at Volkswagen Brandon, see if our other locations are near you.

The Brands That Drive Us

It would be a dream to stock every brand that Kjell Qvale originally brought over to the west coast, but our locations do supply two auto brands that our customers near Tampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Sarasota and Clearwater love to drive: Audi and Volkswagen.

Present Day: The Qvale Way

Searching for a better (and faster) way to buy or lease a vehicle? You know where this is going… stop by Volkswagen Brandon! You’ll soon experience The Qvale Way, our collection of services that we’ve put together after decades in the automotive business. After serving so many for so long, we’re willing to meet our loyal customers online, offline and anywhere in between. So go ahead, take advantage of our VIP pricing or the Create My Deal program as you shop the latest lineup from Audi and Volkswagen. Our team can’t wait to meet your needs!

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

Ready to visit one of our locations to view our inventory, meet our staff or have your vehicle efficiently serviced? Visit our dealership at 9816 East Adamo Drive, Tampa, FL 33619. Located in Tampa, FL, the team here at Volkswagen Brandon happily serves the automotive needs of our neighbors from Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Sarasota and Clearwater.

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